More than just gas for BBQ

Primagaz is one of the largest suppliers in Scandinavia of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), which you probably know as the gas bottles used for barbeques. What many doesn’t know is that our bottled LPG is just one part of our business as we are also suppling several hundred thousand tons of LPG to businesses within, auto repair, construction, agriculture, production and restaurateurs and many others in form of both bottles and bulk.

Primagaz is the forerunner in sustainable LPG biofuel

Primagaz Scandinavia is a strong part of SHV Energy - a group of LPG companies comprising approximately 20.000 people all over the world. We are committed to advancing energy together, which amongst other means that we are the forerunner in making LPG more sustainable by swapping fossil fuels with biofuels and other sustainable fuels.

We are looking for future specialist talents

At Primagaz Scandinavia we are focusing heavily on improving how good we are at selling and delivering gas to our customers. To support this, we are looking for future specialist talents who over a two-year period wants to develop both professionally and personally fast and steadily, but also have the attitude and skill to change Primagaz from the inside.

The Primagaz talent development program

The Primagaz Talent Development Program is a two-year program, where you within the first 12 months will learn and function in a specialist role and hereafter improve the role and way of work. The following 12 months you will work as a specialist but will take on a company-wide business development project improving the business.

Months 0-6

First steps

You will spend the first six months getting to know the job, the people and the organisation, while acquiring the skills in the Business Development toolbox-1.

Months 6-12


As you begin to master your job, we start planning for improving your role. You will go on an inspiration tour to other SHV units.

Months 12-18


As you reach the level of specialist and your role has improved it is time to begin planning your business development project. We will provide you with the skills necessary in the Business Development toolbox-2.

Months 18-24


You will execute your business development project under guidance of your mentor. Together we assess your future local or international career plan.

To support you on this development journey, you will get a mentor from our Management Team in form of either our CEO, CFO or Head of HR & Legal, and older talents will also support you as your ‘buddy’. 

We will provide you with lots of exposure, training and personal insights throughout the whole program. For the right candidates, upon completion of the program, there will be the opportunity to either continue locally or to take on further international challenges in one of the other SHV Energy business units all over the world. 

Meet our talents


Christian progressed from having worked as Sales Representative a number of years to currently being our Procurement Manager. Christian is currently providing lots of savings and getting better suppliers for Primagaz.

Christian Lund Lundstrøm

You get a lot of responsibility and have a large impact on the business


Danny joined Primagaz from the English LPG supplier Calor and have worked on several projects including establishing a new gas depot in Jutland to running a cutting-edge development project on inventory management.

Danny McMahon

I joined SHV in the UK and took the opportunity to come to Denmark


Anders Beyer

Anders joined our finance department and has developed into our Business Intelligence Specialist and Navision guru. Of key projects Anders has built our company-wide performance index and enabled us to get a firmer grasp on our finances.

Our values

We are a value-driven company with our most important values being integrity and loyalty. Integrity means being honest, genuine and totally open in communication about all matters that concern the company. Good news may travel slowly, but bad news should travel fast. Loyalty means putting our best efforts into our work for the good of the company and its development. 

Should you be interested in the Primagaz Talent Development Program please send an email to